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delirioQS patient from injuring himself and disturbing all the other patients in
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Care Physicians, Symposia I, II, HI and Optional Advanced
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diagnostic data are still few and somewhat uncertain. If
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preciated what the good people of Durham have done for us. We have
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1. It is the only case I have treated with cupping without
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" Haegler, Dr. C. : Steriles oder antiseptisches Ligaturmaterial. Genlratbia
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25 per cent), were in all cases adequate to interfere with due foetal develop-
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Third year began at different times and in different
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pathetic nerve entering the uterus and the attachment
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the amplitudes of these periods are about equal seems to preclude the explana-
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making an anterior flap and turning it up, so as to get a posterior cicatrix
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intense and more rapid than anything else with which I am
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got rapidly ,,well under colon lavage and light diet, and were dis-
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acute eruption, and cause absorption of newly formed tubercles in tuber-
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which they readily escape and are lost, or in which they may be concealed
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heat with a miserable pulse, prolonged cool, not too cold,
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live but a short time. Intubation relieved the dyspnoea
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change matters in the least so far as equity is concerned, lie
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yields isolated but striking examples of a marked family occurrence
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localization of functions in the brain. According to Wernicke, the central end
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Minutes of the Tenth Annual Meeting, held in Atlantic City,
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walking, and where the patient is losing strength from pain.
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fh?\T.?r^ Epidemiology.-The disease was first noticed on
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near the edge of the cicatrix ; and finally, on May 21,
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the mediastinum and diaphragm are also in favor of the lesion beine a
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looked fatty ; there were email fibrinous eoagula in both
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is in cases of any curable pneumonic condition. The case,

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