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fresh air. The air finds its way in as it best may —

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8-10. — Salva. H6morrhagics oculaires (b^morrbagies

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ening of the intima has not yet occurred, and undergoes dilatation.

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submucous connective tissue. A. Pfuhl found the small rods in several

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same communication between the central end of the carotid of IJ and

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was distended into a cyst about the size of a child's

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age, who had frequent attacks of Jacksonian epilepsy, char-

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** Professor Abbe tells us * the very first step of every

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present themselves at every stage of the process thus briefly

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could not understand to some imaginary force or virtue or essence.

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There exists no other possibility of the fixation of the

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Sir J. Cornwall Lewes says : " The word affrpoXoyoc signifies an astrono-

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served, when the corpse was uncovered, a few dark red spots on the sur-

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first was a most typical "soft sore," while the second

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part of the swelling, was then three-fourths of an inch

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(2) the age-incidence has fallen very heavily on the younger members

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portion; it also affects the right half of the lower lip. She has no pain in

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occur. But I will not take up your time by more extended

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• See Edin. Med. & Siirg. Journal, Vol. I V. page 17.

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of phenacetin, which lessen fever, cough and restlessness. •

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to act for, or against, a measure In Congress when called upon by

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Pyocyaneus Bacilli in Meningitis. — There is much dif-

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she and her husband have many times thanked me for the

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ciency of intellect, their death is a relief from a miseraljle prospect.

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been displaced and compressed, but the bloody purulent matter discharged from

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too much air, nor live too plainly, nor can we endeavour

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