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When either coughed, the band swelled up in its whole length; this iormea

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is also eaten at Surinam, and in the West Indies, by blacks

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gen. When, however, a single atom more of hydrogen is attached,

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peritonitis ensue ; the mind wanders ; the face assumes a peculiar

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palm or sole of the foot, at once as a syphilitic affection. This is a

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average weekly number of births and deaths in Dublin are calculated

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toxicity of bleomycin, producing a toxic reaction at a lower

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have been sufficient to prolong the patient's life long

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tion, whose aifection terminated fatally after nearly five

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nation then in force, and from time to time he made additions to

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but one wliich strongly appeals to many a loving, sorrowing heart.

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ascribe all the phenomena of such hematoporphyrinuria to hepatic

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subject demands. Before I pass from this am convinced that our best work can be

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sion’s continuing disapproval is evident from the

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section of a series passing through the entire thickness of the pock must be examined

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found to be good. A slight eczema has been excited by

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ces of this extraordinary fact are on record in the writer's

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m(-thode do Widal dans les liumeurs d'un euibryon de trois

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abdominal wall into the cyst, and not use that needle

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heard stories. His advice to the dyspeptic, " earn a shilling a-day

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submitted the following conclusions : i. Most chronic

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would go home, but he has no home to go to. Mr. A. B. is miserable, and

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from septicemia puts an end to this as well as to other acute symptoms.

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