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of any other portion of the intestinal canal, has furnished
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ference of opinion. Billings, Hare, and other leading
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entanglement of the intestines by pedunculated tumours, are,
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of pus can occur with minirtium symptoms, and this not only
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pensaries, and Nursing;" "The Insane, Feeble-minded, and
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when the placental site is completely restored to the
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one case the eye was lost. Four years ago he had had a dispensary-case of
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but seems to be less prolonged than that due to atropine.
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(New York Med. Jour., July 31, 1920, cxii, No. 5, p. 145) describe
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verted into black hard scabs which fall off usually by the twenty-fifth day
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rest for weeks, with little or no movement, may bring on
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bonviiy on tlio postoro-oxU'rnal aspoi-t. of llio ri^jlit Hliouldor.
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canal when fever follows prolonged operations conducted within the
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the Stockholders, on the the presentation of their certificates.
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opposed, to a certain e.\tent, the practice of vivisec-
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was laid on the great advantage of using currents of
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reports, delivered an address on the importance of the work done
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kept for several days, during which time it was submitted
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of gonorrhoea, there was continuous fever, lasting seven weeks, with
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form was now taken, and a sinapism applied — the relief was prompt,
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effecTualiy accomplished as by raising doubts, and exciting dis~
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usual 5 per cent, glucose per rectum, and also hypodermoclysis. She
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retary. The object of the Association is to establish
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usually leads to general jXTitonitis. Adhesions, however, sometimes ocoi^^.
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not a doubt that impure water is responsible for the
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having a second ; and yet it is possible that it was epileptic in the strictest
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programme was made up of a series of Ten-minute Talks on
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The vomiting becomes more frequent, ^nd of a matter ex-
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their effects counteracted by a strict antiphlogistic after-treat-
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Fourth, instruction by correspondence. Your Committee find that
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These parts, of which the function is so indispensable, and of
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trained and observant physician, by the aid of change in

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