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protein, same as corresponding values in column B minus 1.25.
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manoeuvers and marching of ihis Battalion on the 7th of June with-
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by the efficiency of Davy's rectal rod in controlling the cir-
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some loss of appetite but no nausea. He had had no hot flushes nor
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tion. Sixteen of the patients were females. In all, the operation was called
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muth beta-naphthol five grains, thymol one grain, papaine (carica) one
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As a frontispiece to the plates, drawn probably by the same artist,
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for an “overpriced” procedure was $1,000 and the LARPA
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desire did not seem to be materially, if at all, de-
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derived and isolated in man. With these blastomycetes Wlaeff
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turb his reveries in dreamland. This contest of pleasure and
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servation enjoyed by the gentlemen who have already
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position renders an elaborate confutation unnecessary. More-
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valuable in the case of cerebral cures with threatened failure of
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on September 17. 4. On any hypothesis the outbreak was
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subcutaneously every day, in dose sufficient to produce
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the portal vein and celiac axis. When the liver is harvested
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conflagration, it offers the most direct means of obliterating the* I
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or destroyed. Where the skin remains unbroken, it is called
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Splint, Silicate of Soda. See Fractures — Joints;
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fluctuating. On percussion there was dulness every-
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Of the Medical out-patient practice we cannot give the
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iron mortar so long as may be needed to reduce them to a soft conform-
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the prostate. Urotropin is directly valuable merely in ar-
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lected by Roberts varietl from seven weeks to twenty years. In the cases
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were eliminated, was still ten per cent, lower than it
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" to maintain intact and establish at Nancy the Faculty of
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present all the characteristics of shallow, firm, sharply demarcated
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the clinical picture, by pointing out the value of the symptom
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petechial spots appeared on the skin. Sepsis was suspected, but its origin could
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union, might or might not prevent sepsis. If suppura-
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Digitalis, if there is no dilatation of the heart and its action is weak,

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