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Hoxie says " nearly all the gas not due to defective plumb-

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record. Little attention had, however, been devoted to the disease in this

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and Siberia, is the hardest known body. It crystallizes in octohe-

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sterile. He did not jiropose then to give us a comjDlete paper on the

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posterior half arches of the palate. Atrophic areas, show-

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is the triumph. But the years that medical progress

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of quinine on first admission. Another (F. 40) on the twelfth day, had

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to forty years of age, with acquired epilepsy that had

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action of the heart which this givesĀ» there is often heard

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United States General Hospital for Tuberculosis at Fort

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which should mean simply the courteous and considerate treatment

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Johnston, D. M'N., M.D., Assistant-Surgeon, to the Irretistible.

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added, after four years of the life of the Journal,

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should also be more laxative in nature when a horse is idle.

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unvaccinated French half-breeds ; was less prevalent among

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Since my last report in June, 1887, I have operated

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the quality of the Uood. In a symptomatio annmia or h ydiaami a of

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tion of pulmonary parenchyma, and with or without any notable

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confine the escaping contents of the appendix, an abscess is found which

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-we first began our publication in 1864 ; and while we think it

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we shall be forced to believe that most incisions and severe

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Schaudinn was the first to call attention to the essential differences by

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ococcus is found. Doubts can only arise when the inflammation of the

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A little girl, aged 8, was recently seen in consultation, suffering

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fusion gratis with every portion of food, is an additional rea-

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a small dose of morphia on the tongue, in solution or

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As will be seen from the history of the case, my patient came near

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flavored. Nothing can take the place of careful and frequent gentle

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But this is a narrow point of view from which to study the etiology of

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iu a glass of brandy-and-water in strength proportioned to the age and

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not obtained until convalescence, or even until a subsequent relapse

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*From the Department of Pathology, College of Physicians and Surgeons,

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