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always been well and presented a healthy aspect. The pre-
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vation of a slow pulse in this condition, although Rolleston quotes
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tines ? We all know that peptone formation ceases when
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be given at a time when the jjatient is passing frag-
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Periodic Acid (HO,IO t , old ; new, I,0 7 H,0). — The periodates
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Germany, where it was vigorously advocated by Langenbeck and Graefe.
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able procedure. Dr. Mund^'s paper seemed to have been called
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already able to determine between the different varieties
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observe the effect of the valve lesion on the ventricle, and see
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Addison's Disease, Report of Two Cases — Geo. F. Zinninger, Canton,
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for enveloping the powder, and so procuring its discharge. The patient should
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nected with a particular habit such as indulgence in
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Steele and Francine, from a study of 70 cases, also found that diminution
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is practically nil, whilst in the working coolie of Bengal, living in
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have found lodgement, (3) an overcoming of the products elaborated by these
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Belharzia hcematolia, have also been found in rare instances in the human
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this is so. Applying these facts to infectivity through the air
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the transplanted cartilage has undergone any alteration. It is said that bone,
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by when a room, a table and a chair constituted the equip-
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Vials: 300 mg./2 mL. in single-dose vials, in packages of 10 and 30, and
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doctor, his father, and son, had lived in the same house
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favouring the precipitation of the uric acid, whether in the free state or in
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as an instructor enables him to lucidly place them before students.
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stomach, because, as the ingesta readily decomposed, their producta
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life is that in which the nervous system remains active,
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endeavouring to pick out with a pen-knife. Practically all the other
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parasites, epigastric hernia and gastric crises are to be considered.
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certain parts than others. In such cases the part or parts contain-
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and thenceforth yield obedience to influences cither inherent in
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gers of antipyretics in typhoid fever. Tr. Coll. Phvs.

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