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two cities and a county have begun the work and it is
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course. M. C. F. Lindert, M. D., assistant clinical professor of medicine, will be co-chairman and
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pen, MD., 231; V. First annual report of the Massa-
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which he located below the right clavicle. There is no family history
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a point 3 c. above termination of cord. These preparations ap-
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from the operation of these causes. In making this statement, you are
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tion ; tlie cancei'ous cachexia is often marked ; there is progressive and
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not thus secure the best results. Antiseptic surgery is dealing with surgical
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liable to degenerate into the chronic form ; and such cases are some-
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serious nasal signs — such as ha3morrhage, foetor, or total ob-
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average of successful results. In the concluding portion of Dr. Gill's
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tion. Roberts reports a patient voiding on an average 160 times daily,
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inflamed, forming abscesses, and giving exit to whitish chalky matter.
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fork softly against the part for the former, and firmly for the latter. In the first
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more amenable to treatment than they are where the soil is calcare-
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made in this department of physical science, he would have pro-
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the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine.
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goinis, viz., albumen. This exists in the serum of the blood after the
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tuberculosis reacts to this test. The erythema and induration may be
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b Dodd, F. Lawson: The problem of the milk supply. London, 1904. 77 p. 8°.
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tion which he thought ought to be drawn between perfect and imperfect vac-
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from the sensory starting-point to the cord, and thence back to the muscles
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tritive derangement of the walls of the blood-vessels. Under this
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ment, her health was thoroughly broken down, and there was
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University of Edinburgh, or at the private schools of Lon-
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frequentlv ensue, give rise in very many instances to such an
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(1890) is due the credit of disseminating the law of contagion through
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ovary, but practically it always occurs in the former. As a haemorrhage-

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