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sideration of the age of the patient, who is apt to be very
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411 ; action of climates on the treatment of pulmo-
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black lines, these lines reappear in the compound spectrum, provided
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through a])out 234 sections. Eisithelium almost everywhere columnar,
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stances which have led to this step are stated to be a painful
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ber, 1835. Ilis health had always been feeble. He spent the
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pressure averaged from 94 to 104 mm.; the diastolic from 57 to
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The review department shows evidence of a candid and
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matter being omitted in the second edition, Ave infer that further
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without danger (here even the brackish water swamps are found free
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Simmons, John O., Charlotte, Grant Univ., 1894 1906 190S
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After this Dr. Bradshaw, of Liverpool, exhibited a crys-
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quite characteristic. The same oedematous condition may be found on
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malarial fevers must be especially mentioned ; this was pointed out in
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Dr. De Weckcr, one of the' most distinguished oculists of
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cost in money and annoyance, and under better conditions than
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the LhlorodjTic, and found that it really did produce the effects stated, 1 do not think I should be justified in witldiolding such a prcuiuatiou fii)in iny
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The visceral peritoneum, on the other hand, is for the most part insen-
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Whole number of girls enrolled for the same time 39
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reserve varied as much as 14 points in 5 cc fractions. The range
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about the latter part of July, and continues until the arrival of
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of dizziness, with cramps in the arms, feet and legs ; pulse 120, full and
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temporo-sphenoidal lobe. Ventricles distendt-d with watery fluid. Brain rather
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compounds ; (2,) That the compounds of bismuth with beta-naphthol,
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ease is not controllable by any known specific remedy. In view of this
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involving the small intestine, while corresponding involvement of the
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in the aggregate weighing so heavy, were individually no larger
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of a judicial inquiry, and lead to the concealment of crime. Professor Bernt
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ing of wounds, and there is wanting that support afforded by properly-
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cal and Chirurgical Society in 1840. This sign consists in a blue or slate
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The diflerenee between compensatory and reactive polycythemia,
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should be vested in the institutions so that they could
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specificthroat affections are consistent with his methods of
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radial and temporal arteries, incompressible pulse, accentuated aortic
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The duration of the other attacks was from three to
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pulmonary congestion. But it more commonly occurs later, either from

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