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denser growth in the posterior mediastinum, which extended downward to
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Uom evolutional, embryologic, physiologic, pathologic,
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show that this operation is one conducted on exact principles, and
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disease sufficient to account for their present gastric picture.
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All instruments should be washed in soap and water,
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large doses. The gums become red, the teeth sensitive, but there is little
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ent degrees of coldness on the application of a surface of six inches square of
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trusion was almost in the median line. It is this that
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White of egg was then administered, but vomiting caused very little of
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1898-9, xiii, 102-105.-Biillard (W. N.) Provision for
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Once also electrolysis of the stricture was tried. His con-
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It must be rapid, and take place in less than twenty-four hours at the most.
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Male with dorsal and ventral irregular chitinous thickenings.
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a computation has been made of the cost of a student's edu-
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generally manifesting itself during early life, the last generally oc-
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beef-tea ; but bland liquids, such as thin arrowroot, barley-water, or chicken
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weak, on the third dav could not stand. The red blood-cell count fell in one
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nearly corresponding to, but within, the costal margins of the
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tell you that he can not eat certain articles of food. This should not
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often excruciating beyond description. After tr;('ing a gn
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body, as well as the facts connected with the occurrence and disappearance of
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medical men to unite and club together for their own
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CllM'IS: A VASI'! (> I' II.hMATUUlA /A' ///A' MALE.
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have a direct and extreme effect upon the cost of service.
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and a particularly useful exercise is horseback riding, owing to the
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of elbow Joint. In his: .Syuop-i. Cliu. Surg., 12°, Salt Lake
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operator can see what he is doing was very remarkable. His
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towering height, and spoiled the empire; civilization and medicine
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contact from others. It is dressed, undressed, nursed,
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it into these. I recall laboratory tests of 50 years ago:
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in beef and chocolate, these foods also contain substantial
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with 10 drops of oil of tartar, and a pint of rose-water.
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often repeated doses. In giving stimulants in exhaustion, give

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