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vary with the ideas or experience of the practitioner.
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on the History of the Burmah Kace. As the gallant author
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must not be used during pregnancy. Neither is this drug proposed for use in
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(1800) formed them into a separate group, Cystici ; but Kuchen-
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swing. After ho had been struck the last tiino ho lost conscious-
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follow-up of one to four years’ duration, and no malignancy
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venereal disease, which is more in evidence than in
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formed from the hemoglobin by the malarial parasites while
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excited and kept at a painful tension by sanitary reformers, concerning the dangers of air,
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poral bone of the skull, and entrance to it from without is
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2 liters and with a specific gravity between 1028 to 1030, about 2 to 3 per cent.
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likewise, modify water, in some way or other, for a principal part of
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waving, white, hairlike threads, apparently several millimetres
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Home Modification of Milk. — Charles W. Townsend thus
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they have been formed, are the most important indications
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and early period. The reason is apparent. A memoir of the person, which
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joints of both halluxes were enlarged, principally as the result of thickening of
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piles are covered with mucous membrane, and are consequently moist
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the heart for open cardiac surgery will be illustrated.
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ber death was directly attributable to the fibroid in
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ourselves of their benefits. I earnestly recommend the
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To avoid this source of error has been found comparatively easy,
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temperature, or to accelerate the circulation, withovt havmg Jirst secured the
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Other plasters may be of great service, such as a well-adjusted mer-
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sion we use in the Bern clinic different colored pencils. We repre-
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for municipal use by slow sand filtration or by bleaching powder. Fur-
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most wisdom, those who acted on the principle we have uniformly up-
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the postmortem table in the cecum, in the haustra of the colon, and
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