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examinations when the opportunity offers, to examine

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nasal hydrorrhoea, or vaso-motor rhinitis, and acute

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with Bun and Serpent Worship," in the Transactions of the Victoria

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€ffected, I gave her a drachm-dose of powdered ergot, and re-

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in the liver, kidneys, and the digestive tract from mouth to anus,

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sewer air from a sewer containing the excremental filth of sick

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of the body from side to side. They are often irregular in shape, gene-

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profit as well as of reputation. It is hardly to be be-

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not well defined by it. By it I have recognized the fusiform

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possibilities for their all-around development. Great moral les-

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soon after the accident as possible immerse the foot

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to promote the practical application of all recent advances

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as haze is really dust carrying a minute amount of moisture.

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phlebitis and acute thromboendophlebitis, usually in exo-

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the auricle, but completely close the orifice and prevent any reflux

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TJntersuchungen iiber die Orte der erhiihten AVainiepro-

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passed. At the end of about nine months he was still in

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duality followed by fusion . ( VerwachsangstheoHe) . Other

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(1) Keep the hernia within the abdomen continuously and per-

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any one who takes it in hand will derive from it both information and pleasure ; it gives

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posites " in the selection of partners in marriage in order

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the mass in the right side of the abdomen, and upon opening the

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