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tries; apparently transmitted solely through coition. Cause, Trypanosoma

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doses of one or another of these should be given at short intervals.

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Change in food habits, home organization, etc., should be along lines of least

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4. A Study of the Cases of Amebic Dysentery Occurring at the Johns

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indifference whether the gland be raw, broiled, boiled, fried,

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be edited by Drs. Juriah Harris, Jas. B. Read, and J. G. Thomas. It

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which I know must be of interest to all practitioners.

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until amelioration or change. In cases in which the sufferings are

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appearance of numerous other pains and troubles which are purely

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and their results are believed to be increasingly conspicuous. Leprosy

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laugh sardonically as they pocket their bribes, and consign the god-like

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said, her life was then utterly unbearable from pain and

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diagnosis of the erythema from either measles or scarlet fever ; the

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to medical practice should be known so that the practitioner

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board, was generally conlidered as a modification of lues venerea,

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cannot, I think, escape the conclusion that animal force is

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Scherer or Robert G. Zach, M.D., The Monroe Clinic,

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which were collected most numerously about the fissures of Sylvius. In no other part, either

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syncytial virus antigen detected in a lavage specimen during

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^ Home, 2 p.m. — Royal Orthopaedic, 2 p.m. — Boyal

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It developed purely from a local morbid jirocess, and was not

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What the pathological condition of the appendicular

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with organic heart disease (mitral obstruction), it is occasionally

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vertebrae and psoas magnus muscle; the projecting part of the

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ion exists on some points connected with the morbid

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this condition. Reasoning from the anatomy, one would

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specific; Elaterium has been much recommended by Dr. Bright;

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remainder of the day they felt entirely cheerful. Sometimes anaemia de-

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t)|' llir prc-anH'stliclic period, ho miri'lv \v iiro on t.lic v(>rf;o

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