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Government of to-day may not be the Government of to-
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gives rise to turgescence of the cervical veins, especially when the patient is
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After delivery the blood constituents in the majority of cases rapidly
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raw surface to heal by granulation. Cocaine may be used if
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der Medicin," Oct. 1, 1889), has been studying the same subject
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In commenting on this case, Mr. Wormald mentioned one treated by himself
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An Instrument designed to minimise the Eish-s of Septic
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Certainly, every English stydent of medicine, and not merely
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hold on his attention. Those who start to read it can scarcely
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sions gradually become individualized, so to speak, acquire definite
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the uterus be abnormally heavy from subinvolution, it turns backward;
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injurious to the health of growing cells in direct pro-
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On the day following the operation the patient's temperature
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followed in a palliative view. Dr. Kidd showed that the operation was
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interpreted as indicating a vascular paralysis, a subject which \nll
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the arrest of development of the thyroid gland, upon which cretinism is
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a small artery v/as discovered and secured. This part was left
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faint and irregular pulse, attacks of partial syncope,
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eonniventes; in the large, either the projecting ridges formed by the
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of typhus from IS63 tQ 1860 is 820, but any estimate of the
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doubt, the disorder may be traced to defective training, with the
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notification in some form should not be insisted on.
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it might be inferred, cannot be a cause of this fever. There
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unless they stand even upon the ground, the toe pointing
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ment. Hence, the contra-indications named above are to be
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with improving upon the works of their predecessors ; but have
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I offer it to you as the printed Word, in my book and paper.
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from the atfected kidney was fiocculent from the admixture of
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which our science depends will be entirely lost, and we
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such terms, there can be no doubt that the greater number of medical prac-
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America and Europe. The crowded condition of our columns prevents the
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She has been buried by Yendzese and ' Cilose at the pit at Nguboziye-
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is not stated, and this is just the i)oint at issue.
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exocardial murmur was still audible in one case for several days,
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think of using. If I did not draw out but a couple of ounces, I
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where hospitals were located. Admission rates were sig-

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