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and personal guidance of those so afflicted will dis-

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and surgical skill permit, be made into men who will be not only self-

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loupe should not be permitted to be sold in any market. In

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degree and the position of the meridians of greatest and least refraction. It

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pathy, Competence, Accessibility of Physician, Helpfulness

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which are wonderful. But the modus operandi cannot be

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The rays emitted by radio-active bodies into the air are

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structive process. The tuber should be firm and cut with

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extensive operations for secondary cancer where he had had to

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(luring thyroid and thymus action was practically the same, differing

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the coats. Polypoid cysts may develop in long-standing cases.

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The morbid conditions giving rise to hydrocephalus are local,

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field alone it is possible to develop some means forwarding prophy-

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In the majority of cases that have come directly or in-

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disease was described by the late Professor Hughes Bennett in

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these figures, or indeed those of Veit, as representing the result of narcotic

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mount objects of the Association. The first being mutual

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Lord Anson, in the year 1741, lost one half of his crew by scurv\- in

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ceedingly thin, but the bones of the cranium were of the normal

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sex, in that they tendered unsuspecting beaux bouquets of

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that described by Rokitansky) involved the posterior portion of the

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The racial degeneracy, which it is the purpose of this paper to

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We have transcribed this long passage, as it contains the heads

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fifteen, and those from diphtheria to eight— the lecturer observed

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struction, there arises a strong presumption that the structure is

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which satisfactorily determines the point in question — viz. tliat the flesh

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about the bloodvessels, especially around the veins. It is contained also

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may come on (and disappear) with comparative rapidity.

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rhage, while insignificant in itself to produce collapse,

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these families had the disease, forty-seven children

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" This fluid was of a somewhat dark-yellowish colour, had

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may be very beneficially prescribed. It was in this disease

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all respiratory diseases accompanied by impeded respiration from excessive

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the sitting position, a fall on to the foet, a diiect bh)\v oii the back,

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