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up by himself in a lecture translated in Nature for April 17,

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as well as in the cavities; and it has been noticed, in certain fata diseases,

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age of the wealthiest and most highly cultured therein.

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Some patients were nervous wrecks, and in another group there

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quickness of apprehension. They are apt to become, also, cowardly, cun-

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CMIC created and ready to go and aware that CMIC could succeed with premiums at least

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Attention is called to the fact that the sinus may be torn, not

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and 2 sisters are living and healthy. No history of a similar

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attempts are in the first instance made to breathe : at each time that he rises

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in common with many members of his profession, is desirous

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Nitro- glycerin in epilepsy from infantile eiicejihalitis.

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practising medicine in the closing decade of this nineteenth

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under observation, was insufficient to prevent a loss of formed

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while the right was quiet. No movements of the legs

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I at once complied with her request ; but it was to no purpose ;

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which the relation between the inspiratory and expira-

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external aspect, the outer condyle is observed to be large, and placed as low

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Association is such that no medical organization in the

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ever saw. It was the case of a man aged about twenty-

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Surgeons Charles A. McCall, Jeremiah B. Brinton, Har-

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discrete, minute, erythematous points, apparently follicular, but tending to

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furnished at the end with a metallic ring, which con-

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muscles become affected with spasm ; it is sufficiently separated by other

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Accoucheur to the Queen. ' Cor. isio, 41,42. ^6, Hert-

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involvement of these columns varies considerably in different

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5. We heartily endorse the present system of Medical Inspection

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an obstruction at a higher or lower level, as will be exjDlained hereafter.

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Heinemann "" reported some investigations upon the subject

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cury has been adopted in treating the first primary affec-

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geons, caused by the retirement of Messrs. Skey, Worraald,

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