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ceedingly. The tone of earnestness that runs through

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fully that the blue line is not constant, and does not

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detected under such circumstances. Even when there has been a con-

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tecting conditions of the appendicular orifice and render it easily

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hemorrhage between and within the glomeruli, as well as between the

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talents and acquirements employed in the service of the state

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seems not only impaired on the part of this great emunctory, but

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the statement is made that one man in four in France has

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the community by additional securities. At that time there was no

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And yet within the last decade the doctrine was widely

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whether any of the children are being injured by them. In

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A tumour of the embryonic type, having its origin in the connective

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if figures do not lie, there is much less of it since the in-

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able, but could not be said to be a libel. He thought

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movement of both legs, resulting in a sudden jerking of these members

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typhoid fever, saying that he had hardly seen a case of

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A. B. Thrasher was elected president for the ensuing year.

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that there is the possibility in many of these reported clinical

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the Institution has grown up to become one of great value to com-

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ly, these substanc(>s act <lirectly upon the centr;d

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William Paul Swain, F.R.O.S., Surgeon to the Royal Albert

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Simpso7i's sound could be passed with no more ease. Dr. S. decided that the

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as yet, much greater than has been observed in other

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force, so that the work, that was previously almost too

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a man who was supposed to have died of delirium tremens, until it was

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sublimate proposed by Doutrelpont ; or of mercurial ointment, as advo-

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antigen dose that was not at all anticomplementary. Indeed, there was

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for the pallbearers, family and friends of the deceased.

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wineglassful once or twice a day. Vomiting is induced by two large doses.

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