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bility and sphincters normal. Clait inclined to be reeling; asynergic:

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Necropsy revealed infection of all the aortic leaf-

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of the greatest importance, is to quarantine — which simply

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that the paper should be read by title and go to the Committee on Publication. That

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grave changes in the ganglion cells characterized by extreme

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absent, except the faculty of perceiving a very extreme degree of heat.

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currence. Its cause is obscure. The symptoms are similar to those

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As he approaches the operator it will be seen that the eyes

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One morning and an afternoon will be devoted to general

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in England who held radically opposite views concerning

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period generally fixed upon. This time of the year and the

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at least six months in which vegetable decomposition

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Erysipelas may be carried from one wound to another on the

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old paranoiac who succumbed to sarcoma of the thigh in February.

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where the cutis has become so intimately adherent to

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High winds were noted on only 2 days, and never attained the

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mild grade of intestinal intoxication, and in my hands a mild saline laxative

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dered to report to President Medical Board, Oct. 6, 1886.

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they rapidly dart below with forcible wriggles. They lie at the

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tablished methods employed for thousands of years for

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On September 3d, of this year, I amputated the bifur-

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have been described, depending on the part of the body in

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marked at the time of operation, generally undergoes further

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The following Letter is published by special permission :—

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The stonuudi contained 500 grams of a yellow, rather thick fluid. On the lesser cur\*a-

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before against it. Both are said to have used ingenious arguments.-^

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Gentlemen : — The great ganglia at the base of the brain are

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would revise it if I wished before sending it to the press.

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either in the parietal wound or in the peritoneal cavity. The

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characteristic phenomena of phlegmasia dolens ; and that the latter may even

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