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229, aa). The more thorough the digestion, the less distinctly this appears, and the

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(Rhode Island), C. J. Faulkner (West Virginia), Thomas S.

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until it had attained the size of a pigeon's egg. For the last

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improve until she was discharged about a week ago to her own

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half inches long, and one and one-half wide at the top, and it

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collection of fees. From 1824 no progress was made in medical

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tions declare. It must therefore be certain, that the proximate

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could be stopped if hfemorrhage were feared ; or the hae-

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and older in 1984 and 1985 as compared with 1978 to 1981 is

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Mr. Mark HoV5;ll : I do not know whether my remark may have a

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c. I may be pardoned for adding a short review of what seems

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line cerate; a convenient basis for ointments intended for

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accounting for infantile jaundice, that it supposes the meconium to be in

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philes are observed whose granules are scarcely distinct.

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ing strengths of ung. cupri oleatis (so called) — 10, 20, 30,

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13th, 14-th, 17th and 19th days the magnesium sulphate

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section of a series passing through the entire thickness of the pock must be examined

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the patient until 4 o'clock the next morning, the patient continuing

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HEMLOCK TREE — Pinus Canadensis, called also Hem-

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Dr. Tweedy, in reply, said lie was quite agreeable that the

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cup of tea or coffee, or a glass of wine or a brandy toddy. The wise will be warned. Ha

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compression of tne veins or sinuses by the swelling from the infiltration

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nance very clearly and positively required that places where meat and

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tical about anyone else doing so, a skepticism which I think,

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retracting; the constant use of the glass plug for this purpose is such an

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The first symptoms of return were shooting pains in

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be productive of even fatal hemorrhage. It is accompanied by nausea,

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I caution my patients, when pregnant, to be careful at

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which lies immediately underneath that process ; but

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fronto-parietal lobe. A similar collection of fluid covering

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quinine for 48 consecutive hours. This I do by giving to an adult

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cautions are necessary to prevent mistakes in estimating the size of the

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