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voted to psychiatrics. One physician stated that the in-
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judging from the effects produced by its exhibition ; or,
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both I diagnosticated this disease, and subsequent history
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served in this experiment that it mattered little that the
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made a wound in the ball of his right foot. A poultice
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In this compend of some 300 pages the whole range of special
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Cases of the excision of carious ioints. Dublin flosp.
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be indicative only of benign hyperplasia. It was recom-
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senmi was added in small quantities to fibrinogen suspension and
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Coleman explain the pathogenesis of typhoid fever as largely due to
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if proof positive must be had as to the presence or not of the
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paralysis of the lower extremities, and great debility of the upper ;
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ism was seen to spring from the front of the ascending portion of
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synonymous with '^nnfrequent' and 'frequent' respectively), but to the
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and night record to last through a six weeks case of illness. This record contains
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times be sufficient to excite peristalsis and disturb that
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Enstis, R, 8. Endocarditis in children: Its prophy-
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treatment was concerned, he would feel inclined to try
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hair dyes), "elixirs of life," aphrodisiacs, poisons and
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care in cataract operations has been fully appreciated, and, in practice, amply
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and glands, on the one hand, and morbid prohferation of tissue, on the
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tion of red blood corpuscles, and also acts directly on cardiac
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suddenly seized with an epileptiform attack and loss of consciousness,
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sionally appear a few days later. It rapidly becomes intense and is
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literature of the suspected entrance of air into the blood-vessels
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giving rays, is not infrequently best constituted to restore
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wider by the process of suppuration, the fat and muscles ab-
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It is now more than ten years since he showed any definite
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the very common one of chronic ulcer of the stomach. The stories
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Izal as a Disinfectant and Antiseptic— In the Medical
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do not belong to the category now under consideration.
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■ Med. Times & (laz., Lond., 1885, ii, 248-250.— Wiiickcl

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