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which had been overlooked, and instances of this still occur. The

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lung. This question is of interest in relation to the persistence of viru-

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acidity of sour wine, and to convey a sweet taste. Acetate of lead, or some

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percentage of positive Schick reactions among young children of the

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horses and itch in man. It is produced by a microscopic insect

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disease does not relapse and produces a serum which

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ment to warrant me in continuing the particular line of treatment in-

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oped malady wiiich is foreshadowed. Facts showing how frequently epilep-

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wrapped roimd them, firmly but not too tightly, embracing the

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have seen that when fission of mature i)arasites is fairly accomplished,

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Lachesis was continued until the 25 th, when I found the seat

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not be done every day, or even every few days, but every three or four

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most part it would be well if the ordinary examining instruments in

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such circumstances as 1 have heard detailed ; at least, I

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death by this mode of dying consists in a gradual blunting of

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ject in a These de Lyon, 1917, noticed in the Jour-

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B. Apply Ammonia to nostrils on a handkerchief, so it will

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a comparatively small area that is amenable to control ; often the catch-

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Dose.—B.. &C, 3 i.-ii. (30.-60.) ; Sh. & Sw., 3 i.-ii. (4-8.);

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course of chronic otorrhoea in early childhood. It has a tendency to

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tending to have known it all beforehand, or to come hobbling after.

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but the seat of greatest intensity may be the left or right hypochondrium,

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John C. Dalton, M. D., Professor of Physiology and Microscopic Anatomy.

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have been in naany cases less full and less specific than I ought to

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failing health to her observation of the fasts [she was

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of the second order ; and further, there is an apparent elective affinity

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the years 1903 to 1906 he filled the office of President of

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• Medical College of Wisconsin — Your reference com-

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remarkably large number of cocci which, while chiefly within leucocytes, were

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