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jected. Smear preparations from the spinal cord and several parts of the brain

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Dr. G. S. Ryerson, speaking of his visit to South Africa, said

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with douche baths, ipecacuanha in small doses, nux vomica. &c.

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tions he had three deaths, M. Polaillon has practised enterotomy five times on

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their injured state not admitting of a more curved sweep. With-

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acid excretion. Cheese may therefore be permitted in moderation.

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structed since i860, and that now we had come to re-

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still claimed it to be. He regarded it as undoubtedly

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" My dear Sir, — I have pleasure in replying to your in-

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20. Such a result will thus explain the dimimition of hccmor-

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called the eye-tooth ;— «nd, same line, for " and also its neighbor^" read, and also

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lism rate for these new filters appear to be similar to

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As all Askham's pieces are exceptionally scarce it is rather a pit\ that

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tlie training of the youthful mind, and should form a j)art of general

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turbance, and sometimes diarrha?a, while the temperature may

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any means for this purpose, until after his eighth experiment

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volving large areas of the skin. Possibly this group depends

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ble for them to exist independently of the animal which

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measuring only 30 inches in length. The head was somewhat

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have occupied. These two latter diagnostic points are available in only a

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pain af the point of injection, swelling of the lymph nodes, fever, and

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engaged in out-of-door occupations, until, at sixty

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Dr. McLaughlin — No ; in reference to the appointment of an Executive Committee.

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of it that it is not worth while to consider. The titra-

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should be continued for from ten to twenty minutes, and

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Physical Laboratories — (General Optical, Photometric,

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acid soap destroys all of the parasites. The only other indication

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of institutionalization and death. Neurology 1987; 37:980-4.

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rabbits, was able to determine that (i) patients givingclin-

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6,950, and the deaths were 71. In short, the general mortality

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to its attacks than the whites; but this is probably owing

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an infiltrating ductal cancer, and simple mastectomy

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no claim that asthenopia, except by mental depression,

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