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Replacement" In Press . Proceedings of the 5th Symposium on
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capable of modification by the administration of a small quantity of
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are inter-dependent and should be permitted to stand or fall
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arrangement in both layers. The number of these lymphatics is so great that
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Chicago, 1899, xxxiii, 458-462.— Thiry. D(?ontol()gieui6di-
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onset is variable. Sometimes it begins by the super-
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Dr. Howe's 17 marriages produced 95 children — i.e., 5-58 each.
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son, excepting those now lawfully engaged in the prac-
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making pressure on the surrounding parts. The most frequent direction
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stock vaccines, however, made from a combination of strains
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total want of the characters of virility, then the person may be impotent or
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It is unfortunately not often that a municipality sets a just
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Both the small and large intestines are subject to it in all the
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Mental Fatig^ue in School Children. Joseph Bellsi. —
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fully that the blue line is not constant, and does not
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In all cases the diet should be regulated and the course of life made
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exposure to cold. From time to time he has had sores on the back
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in our analysis but for the existence of a definite cerebral tumour,
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near to his own time, for example Donatus and Forestus, had also
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by direct blood volume tests that a small blood volume often per-
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Yet still it is found that impure water is not a necessary element
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has been as long as four years ago that the attacks of angina occurred.
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On my arrival about 12.30a.m., I found jthe patient in the con-
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eux, has long been a problem to both physicians and
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legislation of 1871 and 1872 may, perhaps, be accepted without
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Probably to this cause, or to the mystery of fate, was
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In the Roman period the physician (Medicus Clinicus) and
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of Bibs. — Dr. Ashuurst presented these specimens, with tlie following
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looks flat. If we seize the shoulder in this way, we

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