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loped, congestions are formed, and inflammation may be a conse-
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life is that in which the nervous system remains active,
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and that incision should not be made early. The chief cause of death in these
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and nine grains quinine — locally citrine ointment containing 5 per cent, ichthyol;
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The return current, together with a deflected portion
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does not seem possible to trace any connection between the injun' and
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Synonyms* — Taenia madagascariensis, T. d'merariemis.
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delicate voluntary movements, such as buttoning his clothes or grasping
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Sterilizing Milk. — Some prefer to sterilize milk. This may
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to that of diphtheria and alcohol, a view which was
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than after the attack passed off, temperature and pulse •per-
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ments to get the required distance, between the end
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Prostate. Capt. P., ex-Chief Louisville Fire Department, age seventy-
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and thickened. All the valves appeared to be competent.
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recourse to other remedies from the list of the so^;alled
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him, with those who have last exercised control over him. His perceptions are
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owing to carelessness in the purchase, for with a little pains any one
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that sickly, spoon-fed infants have imj^roved in health, and ceased at
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styptic cotton - — cotton saturated with it, tannin (Graf), creasote
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the organ remains in a flaccid condition. Irritated by disease as
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are needful, whisky or liquid meat extracts may be added to the saline solution.
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but abscesses in the neighbourhood of a joint should be treated
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Scars, the result of old ulcers, which he says were very slow in
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cases. No nausea was experienced, as far as could be
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that described by Rokitansky) involved the posterior portion of the
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size which affected chiefly the upper and outer portion of it. April 16,
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Surgeon, by Par. 2, S. O. 65, c. s.. Department of the Co-
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arsenical poisoning. The patient is a fruit grower, and uses a spray containing
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pressure of the deposit, or, when the tumor is deep enough, the vaginal
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question "What are parasites?" is not ripe for decision. We shall

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