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gauze was removed and the lung began to expand. Pleurisy
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the MH-ond deals with the question of immunity, elucidates the Ehrlich Side-
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guments against lithotrity, and exultingly exhibit the former
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. *Highly colored urine, with red sediment, and some
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Easter holidays, so as not to interfere with the winter and
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panied by definite arthritis, or by complaint on the part of
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2. Copper Test.— On adding to a solution of arsenic, ammonio-sulphate of
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equivalent to 1 : 200,000 of laked cells the same solution of crystalline
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paid is included in the statistics of pauperism as in
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Forgery and other offences against the currency, (vi.) Other Offences.
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one of ectopic gestation, probably tubal abortion. I
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localized on or around a mucous tract. - The microbic in-
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obtained, if desired. Its value is greatly enhanced
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A. F. Doolittle, Herkimer, Secretary. P. B. Etfaridge.
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patient is said to have an attack or fit of gout. The disease is generally
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the irritation disappears, the tissue then loses its vascular aspect
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meaning greatly impaired vision and not necessarily entire lack
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from live to ten <j:rnins after intervals of from two to t'onr hours, until it
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Ann., Deraerara, 1897, 24-27. — Kf-iion (L.) Des crises
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symptom is collapse, which has followed the administration
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the greatest care is necessary to prevent untoward events. No
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ease, and, consequently, to call for medical treatment and gentle restraint
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Dubl., 188.5-6, iv, 37-41, 1 ch. AZso [Abstr.] : Dublin J. M.
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fluid. Evidence of dropsy elsewhere, both in the lung itself
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the same line of dulness inclining downward from behind forward in the erect pos-
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and Rosanna Brady are ready to respond to your inquiries on 652^2740 and
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centrated, but they indicate— as do the scars and seams of a burn — that the
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mathematics, with the late Professor Boole, and of che-
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editorial published in the issue of July 31st, I see it stated
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1000. — ICirikolT (N. K.) K morfologii malyariynikh
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muscles contract with force, but their actions are not consenta-

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