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T&E President had seen the aortic valve with four

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B. Apply Ammonia to nostrils on a handkerchief, so it will

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f^l^ eye is somewhat redder than that of the left, and the pupil of the right eye is a little deformed, oval rather than

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cus." I shall not describe the kidney itself, which my colleague,

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NICANDER and ORIBASIUS. Nicander (fl. ca. 185-135 B.C.), Ionic Greek poet, physician, and

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Has had from 8. to 10. of bromide of jDotassium daily in last three to four days.

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vidual colonies are more or less round and likewise moist and raised, with

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quoted, would show that more infants under one year of age die of

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300-307. Also: M6m. Soc. de m6d. de Nancy (1885-6),

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fibres in the villi. Nor did the lateral motions take place, as described by

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tain" circumstances, the disease runs rapidly to a fatal issue. It may destroy

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first invasion of the human system, very nearly resembles the more

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mittee is trying to secure a stop-off privilege at Milwaukee,

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to gain an additional success, precipitates the death of the

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cused is certifiably insane, and further, that the crime

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fying, and from which it appeared not unreasonable to class

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At a special meeting of the Boston Homoeopathic Medical

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keraplastic and decided sedative properties of Resorcln and recom-

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ture high. Pain may be absent and the inflammatory symp-

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York (annual); New York Academy of Sciences (section in

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that metastatic growths were developed. The cases of Goth

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less than a fortnight. The degree of profluviutn has an influence on

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bercle bacillus were fed to that child every day that

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We are now going to be favored with a short talk by Mr. R. B.

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posi'ion which it held in France, where I spent some time, I

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months. At Messina, also, in 1743, where the same opinion was enter-

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the patient ca.n be aroused readily. No unpleasant after-effects, such

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