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wholly free from any venereal taint, to the offspring

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the jelly in the right flank ; in this case I had used boracic lotion to

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Sphincter, which allowed the finger and instrument to come into contact.

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to the artery than the edge of the anterior scalenus.

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tubes, catgut or horsehair drains. The tubes are introduced to

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much one may be opposed to their acceptance, Tve ca

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ogenic bacteria may be grown in sterile soil, but cannot be grown in

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per cent for second year, and 25 per cent for the third year. The average

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found in the fourth ventricle, and beneath the cerebellum, around

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appearance was distinctly seen under a low power. The

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" Dr. Treadwell was recalled, and testified that Prof. John C. Dalton, of

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had worked hard in practice — often, indeed, being at

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into a limited and a universal form. The more or less

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the soldier's life. Such cases have been known to result

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We have been given to understand that the Medical arrange-

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vanced most by those who criticise in a spirit of contro-

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any desire to make water, it is probable that the urethra is the

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what is called a fitting soil for the virus to work in. We

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rheumatic fever, scarlet fever, septicaemia, smallpox,

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very trivial injury or without apparent cause ; and, like the joint lesion,

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aged 76, complained of hoarseness and a sense of obstruction during breathing

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cis, praesertini aniniaruni sacerdotibus provincia-

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from time to time. I believe the Chinese plan of storing

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specific diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis, and con-

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a transverse direction under the skin, a probe should be introduced, and an incision

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curve, is relatively infrequent, and does not attain that degree of

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a day, show no cases of arrest, and no cases of mental integrity.

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Translation of Harvey's classic papers " On the Motion of the

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first question propounded as to the second one now stated.

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peritoneum caused death in fifteen to eighteen hours with intense

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colic as compared with those of ordinary colic, offer points of difference

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The amenorrhoea of acquired atresia may be readily recognized by the

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disease does not cause an increase in the number of leucocytes

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