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ing is temporary, and due to a slight shock of the vasomotor nerves of
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ourcmtur. It there is t>> !»■ any variation from
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there has been in our army at •home a decrease of 26 per 1000
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and it is more than probable that the results recorded are easily
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The disturbance of function thus indicated is not without a bad effect on the di-
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Surgeon-General, Public Health and Mar'uic-IJo.^intaJ Srrricc.
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rupture of the fibres to constitute a sprain of a tendon or
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complish their allotted work? What if the mother of
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trypanosome-forms which come down from the stomach to the
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eyes. As an illustration of the effect of too close
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defferens is liable to be injured in isolating the cord from the sac. It
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be very slight or so great as to compress the capillary tuft into a small
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Want to find out more? Contact your nearest Air Force
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fruit of forty years professional experience. By Cuarles
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are at work in the fields of inorganic nature, while intelligent
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large quantity of decomposing blood that appeared to be collected,
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Massed Dancing (another way of dealing with sentiment). — The
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to give attention to the treatment which seems to have pro-
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needed reform. The feet of adults are much less injured by
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reported with nadolol The following adverse reactions may also occur: Central Nervous
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application laid over them : chalcitis, pomegranate-bark, copper scales, incor-
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: The specific gravity of muscle is T085, of brain 1*04, of the soft organs
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termed double tertians or double quartans. In the double tertian the
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not apparently distinctive, indeed, Unna states that any readily recognis-
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Supra-vaginal amputation of the uterus is perhaps to be preferred to the
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cavity by gluing the whole of the pericardium to the heart : or
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attended with great straining, or, easy^ copious vomiting of slimy matters
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Britain, Gaul, Spain on the Mediterranean, and Italy — while
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first to breathe atmospheric air freely mixed with the chloroform, which
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was the primary condition, nor was there any disease of the
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18th, was taken sick with chilliness the evening previous. When
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low down, occurring while she suffered from a salpingitis.
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him noticed that the pupil of tabetic patients did not dilate in
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