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authority to prescribe and dispense medications and carry
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a tidy, clean, light-looking kitchen that every good housekeeper will value
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circumstance occurring in the course of diabetes, and due to
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9 ft. 9 in. The two primary beds received crude sewage and the two
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The third variety of ulceration consisted of an area extending
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Injury Mortality in New Mexico’s American Indians, Hispanics, and
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localization of functions in the brain. According to Wernicke, the central end
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transmitted from man to man by fleas or possibly bedbugs. A second
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Doing the research to understand the role of women -owned business in jobs creation.
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Alfortl, Frederick S., student of University College.
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better, in some diseases, it is described by that vague and
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done beyond endeavouring to relieve the patient's symptoms. Oinates
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nus. The horse that got 58 grains of strychnine illustrated this fact admirably.
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literature of the suspected entrance of air into the blood-vessels
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mitted itself so definitely and largely to institutional
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them after the lapse of that time, cauterized freely the whole diseased surface
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impaction above the point of obstruction. It is not unusual for this
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D^ro population of Philadelphia was only about 3.3 per cent, of the
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stated that the blood counts were not made at a time to show the
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of his vicinity, Dr. Gaston remarks, that he recognizes typhoid fever as an
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the valley towards which the sewage flowed ; the pumping well was
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conjunctivBB, and hebetude of mind, sinapisms or blisters to the nape of the
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antecedent traumatism, whicli was a frequent feature in the above
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fibroids. Since it is better borne than ergot, it may be used for a
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Mentioned in Despatches. — The names of the following are
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sound. The same will happen when wool is washed unsorted ; as the
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emotion may act as a depressing agent, and thus determine the operation of
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convinced that the malady in question is an essential fever with a local
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when completely obstructed, the stools will be clay
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T. Escherich * confirms E. von Leyden^s favorable opinion upon
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essential to mind, and the conditions necessary for this are evidently

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