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observations recorded were made, for the most part, during the
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than purging; or, when there is both vomiting and purging; the substance
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reserve varied as much as 14 points in 5 cc fractions. The range
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State of North Carolina by Dr. R. H. Lewis, of Raleigh, of a physician
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19 from cream cheese, 40 reached a final hydrogen ion concentra-
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oping nations the incidence of lung cancer cases was
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which upholds social existence, which sustains all civilized
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Fig. 3. Bone-marrow of leukaemia, a. True erythroblasts surrounded by a
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same way with 10 c.c. of the potash solu- ^^^^^e \" "^a">' "^^^^^ ^^'"'^ ^[^^ '\° P^t.'^°&:
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muscle. This intramuscular lymphagitis partially immobilizes the
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34. Genito-urinary Surgery. — A clinical and conference course in diseases of the
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subject us to severe trials. The operation for turning ;
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Case of Fracture of Scapula Separating its Upper and Internal
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Macaulay Town, about where the present city hall stands.
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Paul, then read the address on surgery. The speaker
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relating to degree of protrusion, rather than to the protrusion itself.
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he was giving demonstrations in anatomy, a testimony to his
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mechanically or by electricity, no change is produced in
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ment is found to reach above the supra-orbital margin, it may be justly
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thoracic traumatism. He was constantly nursed by his wife,
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gans cohtained in the brain of an. animal, and to their develop-
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I found a translation of a very ehiborate memoir, from a sci-
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rism. Andral found the lining membrane of tlie artery raised
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in certain cases of typhoid fever, in which this is employed as a stimulant
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of the right softly over its back. The sound is quick and jerking,
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ciety, held on October 7th, the secretary, Mr. Clark Bell,
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applications can be employed to aid the repair; but
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each side of the fra^num is a conspicuous fold of lax mucous
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tions of Criminal Anthropology, quotes Rondeau as saying,
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Aug 23 Tumor Board - 8:00 AM; Fort Meade & Hot Springs Info: Sharon Sulzbach, 347-7145.

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