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Rest not Always Advisable. — In concluding, Profes-

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of acute rheumatism the muscles may suffer as well as the

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celerated program of hospital-correlated activities.

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refrain from adding" a " striking characteristic as drawn by Cleg-

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proofs of this to leave any doubt in my mind of the fact.

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members after one hour's examination in anatomy and

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These interposed soft tissues constitute a fibroperio-

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is neither acid nor alkaline, and resists the majority

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in severe attacks of measles. The course of the fever is of greater

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cision of tumors, whether benign or malignant, appears to

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as they do the best men and the best thought of the country, cannot but result in

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this question. Is it not a lamentable fact that our profession, having

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per c.mm. numbered 3, 2 and 5 cells respectively. The test for a

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and Dislocations in Bellevue Hospital Medical College ; one of the Sur-

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dition of our country, but to bring before the Convention matters

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bread-crumbs, 4 oz. of sugar, 3 oz. of currants, salt and grated

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omy, the first complete extirpation of the clavicle ever

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tions, there may, side by side with the resistance to tuberculosis and

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Rather, my fellow physicians uniformly agreed that as

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operating a certain number of drug-stores (according

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order to test this possibility type experiments have been carried out

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constant obedience in observing, yet make up for it abundantly by the

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subjects. The cultures obtained from such blood show a very small micro-

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