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with the reactions have been removed. The original urine must be distinctly acid,

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same phenomena, differing only in intensity." Again, as to speech:

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It was left for Billroth* to record the first successfhl case of extirpa-

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upon. Pain may or may not be present, and there may be more fx lew de-

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adhesive bands resulting from an old perihepatic inflammation drew

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Dr. Demixg reported several cases of scarlatina which had occurred

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plication of leeches, fomentations, and warm bath ; cal. gr. x.

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limbs than the joints. The effects of passive movement may assist in

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cure is to be completed by mild stimulating lotions and bandages.

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conscious, nor do they produce manifest evidences of their trans-

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the second point of origin. In the fully developed embryo they

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Table I. — Abstract, showing Diseases, Injuries, S^c, in Classes,

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night of meeting, testified to the interest and practi-

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the only sign that raised the doubt as to the viability of the bowel

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as the gravest of prognostics for cardiac patients,

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of wine. In very severe cases it is necessary to repeat the baths every two

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bottle, the top 16 ounces being removed by use of the ounce dipper. For healthy

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on dissection showed complete bony ankylosis of the carpi at their articulation,

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tion, suffering only a moderate amount of discomfort from the shortening,

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twenty years ago, when Mr. Forrester called attention to it,

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own convi(5tions, he is willing to confess that his fellow-

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the eyes. The tongue was white and loaded, the breath offen-

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In military surgery, more experience is needed before it can be

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(obliquity) very often occurs alone, the other two seldom;

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per cent, of all cases of Endocarditis are due to the pneumococcus. About

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vesicles, necrosis, etc., the distance between the source of

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such tomonrs from renal tumours; they occupy, in &ct, exactly those

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these pneumonias to those associated with epidemic influenza in man.

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childhood, the following may be learned from the comprehensive

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regions have been frecjuently affected, although, owing to the rarity

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it to be true that with all young people there is an accession of

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child was said to have appeared perfectly well until

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