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1. Alardo. Formes atypiques du Favus, These de Paris, 1896, Oct. 15, 1896. —
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to afford the broadest ground of reasoning and inference, in respect to life and
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ones showing through those which are superimposed. This arrangement
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sisted for 1 2 days In spite of all medical therapy. It is
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pressure upon the artery in the groin, and whilst the pressure was kept
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other asthmatic affections, that they will always be resorted to as soon as
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Second stage of pulmonary tuberculosis comprises the
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dark hero than with resi>ect to other affections which, in like manner, are
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broke down ; a short rest, however, soon restored her to compara-
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has been as long as four years ago that the attacks of angina occurred.
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into large submucous cavities that undermine the mucosa in all
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far up the patient's rectum and came upon something far
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This faculty is the savings bank of the individual, and it has
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a comparatively small area that is amenable to control ; often the catch-
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3 pi. Also, in his: Ges. Abhandl.. 8°. Berl. 1892, i, 305-
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tistics is the relation of race and color to birth-rate, to cer-
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had good medical care, but found no relief, and for
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revulsion upon the nerves immediately connected, but because the disease
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raic poison in the blood. These views are purely conjectural,
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sweat glands are particularly large, but where sebaceous ones are likewise
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about the writer that Is refreshing. Without any preamble be tells
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provided containing tepid water; with a common syringe, the warm water
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'•The halo of absurdity," says Prof. Forel, director of
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same Society, by whom the nominations were unanimously approved.
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colored sediment. She had experienced some colic pains, and in walking her gait was rollicc
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* Established a commission to coordinate activities
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examination of such masses will show that most of them belong
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groups are termed " diamino-acids," as CH 2 (NH 2 ).(CH 2 ) 3 .
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Lindsay & Blackiston's Physicians* Visiting List.
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and concentrated by the bladder but the secretion as it comes from
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should be constructed ; but he also enters very fully into such

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