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is of weighty import. The deduction naturally follows that physicians and

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duces diminution in the size of the fat drops, then the

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out harm and remained alive, its weight 2,950 grams. The bleed-

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10 milliamperes are required to excite auditory sensations, though a

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transfers, assigns or otherwise conveys all copvright ownership to the

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then an ice-bag, and so on alternating — the heat remaining in contact

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arising from the irritation of the worms in the intestines

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diately relieved from the excessive pain previously endured with hardly any

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an up-to-date building costing $100,000, which he thought

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component medical society, the physician's name, ad-

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result. I have not heard the suggestion, but I would commend it to

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ture, it is stated, was at the junction of the first and second bones, a par-

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Zollinger-Ellison syndrome and systemic mastocytosis).

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in any given case of tropical splenomegaly, until the

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the first instance in a proper manner, we might have

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Be sympathetic, and never give a minute diagnosis to the

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that necessity requires them to abandon the pursuit

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removed, its carious surface only having been taken away by

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removal of the cervical sympathetics is interesting and almost conclusive in

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works is limited, almost entirely, to the mere details of observation ; what

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mains patent, the morbid secretion is squeezed out into the

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many of those we had in hospital at ShorncliflPe. I know that

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etc., drink a tea-cupful of sweet oil or lard or grease of any sort ; the most that can happen from

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Internally, to increase secretions and lessen reflex irri-

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mucous patches — white, as big as a finger nail, pain-

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tine. In Dr. Haven's analysis of 59 cases it was seated in the small intes-

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passes away to the sound of the passing i»ell. and no

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