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of the primary. And yet the largest quantity for the twenty-four hours, in
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Dr. S. G. Dabney : In my line of work it is comparatively rare that
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of this subject made by Robinson and Hermann of all the cases
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4°. [Paris, 1810.] — Ciivicr (G.-L.-C.-F.-D.), le baron.
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the remaining three-fourths are venous blood. Some physiologists have
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Occasionally, instead of complete blindness of one-half of the visual
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he gives, in his clinical and scientific treatises, of his own
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placement of the diaphragm, as well as its removal.
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into medical journalism. In a recent number, says The
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as regards symptomatic phenomena and gravity, between pernicious and
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years of age. It seems that two distinct anatomo-patho-
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can be secured by other means than bloodletting, the former are to be prefei'red.
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more amusing, than the experiments on electrical attraction and re-
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the contrary, they contain in a most condensed form enunciations of
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38. Hurst JW, Cooper HR: Neoplastic disease of the heart. Am Heart J 1955;
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cent., and freedom from recurrence was observed in five, or 35.7 per
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definitely inflammatory, are more complex in their serological appearance
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days the abdominal jjain had produced some faintniss,
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having traced this case hack through four generations certainly makes
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not lose its characteristic properties by ex- 1 question to continue in its present unsatis-
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referred to as " warty excrescences," and the microscopical examination,
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it in every case, from the youngest baby, to adult life. I am of the fixed
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only in so far as may be conceded by the local faculty, and in lend-
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The Leukocytes. While the leukocytes are unquestionably in-
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factory and the question of reciprocily a much simpler
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corpuscles, exudation of fibrinogenous and germinal matter, now takes
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intiamruatiou of the section, which soon extended to
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artery and acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis, the medicinal treatment
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venture on the commission of a great literary crime, the for-
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Diastolic failure . — Because of the increased likelihood
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cases. If we delay by leaving the case to nature, the
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case of rupture of the tympanic membrane ; Age, twenty-nine

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