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mote antiquity. The eastern nations of old, as is well

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the spasmodic closure of the larynx is more and more complete

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the acquaintance with these remedies being derived solely from

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other well-defined and characteristic symptoms ; the

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and more attenuated anteriorly than posteriorly. It measures

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found over the knees, elbows, inner sides of thighs and over the

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tracted; collapse, and finally death. The urine may be-

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meningitis basllarls. Reference: Neurol. Centralbl., 1898, p. 482.

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a case of cyanosis of feet, Raynaud's disease [described i>y

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delicacy of structure and flimsiness of fabric pervading its component

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In the first volume the subject of mineral waters and their

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Dr. Norman Kerr in his work on " Inebriety " says : " The result of my

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open for me to contest his conclusion from them, and I do

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taniination. As an example from our own experience, a medical

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This theory is confirmed by experience ; thus in Case III.

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Sir CUTHBEET Wallace : I hope that the method of first line application

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caries of the coccyx and of the fact that it is often un-

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and blood, but no trace of albumen, lie was ordered decoction

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there, none was present. The poet may possibly have

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■with it a rich harvest of monr^/ could be reached, which is the ultima-

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circulation ; diseases of the abdominal viscera ; of the nervous

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After all, however, the best of our tonics, the surest means of re-

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ernment handouts for them. They have been rehabilitated and are doing very well, thank

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they are obliged to yield to this force which is stronger

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