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large numbers thus carry one or more intestinal para-
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entities liave been discussed in more detail and appropriate
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acted on fcmdj&fo, it would have exculpate d he man an ^ ^
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and rector of Marischal College, became " mediciner " of King's
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the county. In his own community there were sixty-five cases. The
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Dr. Beck refers to a patient on whom he says he " un-
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eyes. Being as ignorant as fair, unaware of the use of
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said, are attacked by this epizootic during the first weeks of
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Department of the Seine — are of considerable magnitude.
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bodies throw out flagella which move with great rapidity, and becom-
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67 the following given as among the causes of consumption,
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posture of the head due to the overactivity of certain neck
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brought from New York. On May 4 a colored man from Had-
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contagiosa, moreover, increase in size rapidly, and show a distinct in-
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Fund, the interest to be used for the maintenance of the Wood
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len blankets. He was quite conscious at the time he was in
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Prof, of Practice of Medicine in the Georgia Med. Coll., AxUhor of " Materia Medica," "New Remedies," etc.
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brane of the base of the licmfsphcros (chiefly) and llip njippr part (jf
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Steinhein in 1830, and twelve months later by Dance,
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renewed in the vital fluid the disease might be overcome.
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the serum controls developed fenestration of the ears in 36 to 50 days while the
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There was a happy freedom from any sense of crowding or con-
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which are wonderful. But the modus operandi cannot be
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putrefaction takes place rapidly, provided the circumstances are favourable.
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Obstetrical art has attained a most wonderful develop-
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for licensure have at least one year of college. He said, how-

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