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renewed in the vital fluid the disease might be overcome.

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nervous persons, the eye-strain may cause not only head-

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and ear doctors for advice, get him to suspend tobacco for sixty days and

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old infant. The frame has short temple-pieces reaching to the

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eral pseudoparalysis, degenerative insanity, dementia precox

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seen in Eussia (in 1796), and that it has since invaded Africa,

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organization, active in reproduction, and was the most recur-

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climate on its prevalence cannot be very great, except indirectly. The

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was one of the earliest, in 1864. In 1865 Dr. B. Phelps and Dr. F. H. Sime,

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We may, therefore, by this means alone, distinguish infantile

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large number of them that were sold. Manifestly the

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Vwjina. — As the disease generally affects the upper portion

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always occurring in the evening, and sometimes introduced by chills.

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tificate was contained in the verdict of the coroner's jury-

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pped to Washington as promptly as feasible, where they w^ere

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In the American Text-book of Obstetrics (1903 edition)

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" I finished writing [' Felix Holt '] after days and nights

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seen these ciliary movements in the trachea and in the uterine tubes,

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Hospital, attended the annual meeting of the American Asso-

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science, and a greater success in the practice of physic; but they

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wound. If, however, the catheter was passed until the instru-

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ally attended with coldness of the face and extremities, and Bometimen

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visited rubeolous patients. Physicians may in this way diffuse the disease.

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the glycosylated hemoglobin assays. N Engl J Med 1984; 3 10:341-346

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In many cases it is due to an elong-ated uvula. For

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nesota, in March, presented a paper entitled, “The

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