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however, must tell as much of himself as of his subjects: his

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part of a short life. Dr. Home, with the assistance of Mr. Clayton Fox, opened

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enlarged and free motion in one direction takes place, as in the elbow

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ing. Pains in the limbs are referred to as similar to those in

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of tubal pregnancy, the certain proof is wanting; in

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of the waters of the smaller streams flowing from sources of

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walls, of unknown nature. St^pdn in an acute case saw

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The portrait on the opposite page of tcrest and activity as characterizes his

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quently associated with' tonsilitis or sore throat. Rep.

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this is an organic compound of arsenic containing 55 per cent, of

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along the ureters to the substance of the kidneys, and,

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cautery, or excessive bleeding requiring transfusion fol-

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has been performed in the houses of patients, where duty has called us,

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1 Amer, Jour of Med. Sei, July, 1864, p. 133. » Dublin Quart. Jour., 1867, ii. 441.

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only this, but also the extraordinary power of legis-

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(irritative lesions), the elements act (or destroy one another, which comes to the same

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" I visited Miss last night ; she complained greatly

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chancre, the patient himself on both his sides, with-

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An abstract of a paper by the President, "On the Anatomy

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discharge ; at first watery and transparent, it becomes thicker and

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sponsive in providing the necessary treatment to Missouri

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medicine or combination of medicines would have had equal

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jugular. These murmurs in the subclavian vessels have

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long, both in public and private, evinced his faith

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eased portion, and dress twice daily with the following lotion :

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described, is relatively rare. Deposits of urea on the skin have been

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morphia, and pilocarpine nitrate in i to i grain doses, as advised

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