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eminently satisfactoiy ; the patient walks Mental Diseases, says senile dementia very
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effective here in favoring the entrance of the microbes into the
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pectorating more freely, and is much better. To-day, for
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remained stationary for twenty days; it was partially clean,
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In the majority of records there is increase of heart's action ; pal-
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operation you stop and do nothing more ; but supposing
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plague hospital at Smyrna, where this disorder is always more or less
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tea poisoning in a case where it was absent, unless the
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Announcement of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, and the Examiners for
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ease, complications are rare and accidental. Pneumonitis is occasionally
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minute creatures {animalia quaedam minuta), too small to be seen,
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further, and say that even when there are no suspicious symptoms
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ration could be discovered. Dr. Paramore drew attention to the marked
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they did not give the same attention to circumstances on
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2. Quicklime 4 oz., orris powder 1J oz.; mix. Applied as
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Howard Jean Hollo way, S.B., M.D., Clinical Associate in Obstetrics and Gyne-
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acquire elsewhere, comparative anatomy is not considered
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membrane, the demonstration of zymogen in the absence of hydro-
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siderable length of time. 3d. That the " third extract
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usual course in an animal otherwise healthy, variations are
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Combining the obstetrical cases in which an;vsthetics
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irregular, and the irregularity may be rhythmical or arhythmical in char-
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pel., 1856-7, iv, 259; 291. — Debate on the treatment of
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neously, and the fall was heard by neighbours at or near the dinner-hour,
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As she complained also of smarting of the eyes, I inquired
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Other derangements which are regarded as equivalents are sudden
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" This fluid was of a somewhat dark-yellowish colour, had
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the patient is, I think, important. The fact that the patient
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time has come when there should be a little change, for the

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