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merce. Tome 15, Minist^re <lu comniercc et de I'iudusti ii'.

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the intensity of the cause, and when its progress, even after removal of the

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could do no less, and, after along absence, a message was sent

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succumbed in the first stage. It must be conceded^ as will be discussed

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tude, neuralgia, giddiness or faintness ; every one of which points to an

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cussed and their bad points brought out. With regard to absorp-

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journals, and three miscellaneous associations in the State.

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tlie steps taken by the Weekly Committee in reducing the

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ment of the symptoms proper to the disease, justified his diagnosis.

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it is essential to have a good skiagram, for if there is fracture we

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liams, of St. Thomas's Hospital. I believe it is equally effectual,

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factor comes into action at the thermostat temperature.

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profession, continue to be well in advance of modern development

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it is only 4.8 per 1,000 (Bertillon Laquean, BulL de la

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uct was stable, well localized to membranes, and it

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stimulate the heart's action, gave us best results.

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<leath. Cardiac Dropsy ; dilatation of heart ; general anasarca ; death. Dilata-

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an infecting chancre at the end of thirty days. M. Mauriac thinks that, although

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Comminuted Fracture of Skull. By Dr. C. C. Lee. . . . 136

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he was placed in bed, given the regulation dose of quinine,

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died in spite of repeated punctures, or it was found necessary later on

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"Immortality of the Soul," and Avinner of the great Burnet

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Dr. Abadie, in the Annales d' Oculistique (May, June, 1880), urges, in cer-

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When time is lost owing to difficulties in making a diagnosis

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Independent man, so fond of slavery, against his natural

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or notable debility. It may continue, slowly progressing, a great number of

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