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abdominal position and open-wound treatment (as proposed by Trende-
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having some control over payments to the medical profession — by far
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so that he was only able to read for a few minutes at a time.
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pious men for untold ages must necessarily be true.
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every pain that is not excited by irritation of the peripheral ends of the
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nomenon characterized by the rapid multiplication of the
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minds will allow, notwithstanding what has been said to the contrary,
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parts in upwards of cO subjects at la Pitie, of the bladder, and not reflecting that when
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The seeds may be given in powder, of which the dose is 10
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herpetic eruption soon appears on the concha, tragus, external auditory canal, or
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of the syrup of ('hnichill alone. The two most dis-
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with sometimes a little sulphur and phosphorus. The colouring matters contain
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No. 1.— la SO «.e. ampuls containing 1.3 sag. (1-50 gr.) Mercuric Chloride in normal serum and physiologic salt
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to promote the practical application of all recent advances
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intubate the child within five or six hours if the symptoms
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of the advice which he gives in regard to the methods of
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necessary ; and you get, after a short time, relief
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one excreraentitious principle, namely, cholesterin. The latter constituent
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motor disturbances of the digestive tract is not yet fully recognized. We
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1o the hos[)ital, and the malingerers back to their regiments; not a
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to devise a practicable mode of doing it away, which shall bejfus* to all
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ious disease, must remain awav from the cows and the milk.
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the study was not statistically significant, the observation
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well pondered by the local authorities of the country. If here-
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be obtained concerning the secretions and functions of
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lishment of Medical Science, two things are requisite ; observation of things without,
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Etiology. — (1) It may result from acute nephritis, (2) It
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ton, and states that he was a member of the faculty of the Ver-
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Hospital. He had for six months complained of difficulty in swallowing and
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out the alterations and additions ; for, as the author
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liferation of elastic tissue has been much discussed.

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