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Parker, Lynette A., Materia medlca and therapeutics.
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wealth are rarely got honestly without hard work, and hard work
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The Indications for Operation on the Thyroid Gland in GraveB'
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tected from moisture, corrosive vapors, dust, and from jarring and
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and inconsistent reasons — First, because some of their wines
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or less granulomatous reaction. Histologically, the bone lesions pre-
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fiftieth years, and somewhat more common in women than in men.
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Of internal medicines, Opium is the most useful. It allays
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Suddenly, or by syncope ; and 2d. By a gradual cessation of the
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above treatment is needed when delirium occurs independently of sleep-
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certain late reappearances of the disease in the Levant. In the
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Pathology. — Many look upon rheumatoid arthritis as a
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caused by our city taxation being limited to seven mills for school pur-
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Obstetrics-Gynecology Conference, fourth Thursday, 12:30 p.m., AHEC-South Arkansas
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holding the head and neck rigid, they are moved so as to
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Every two weeks (monthly during the summer), hospitals in the Network
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of epilepsy, catalepsy, and analepsy, and said in refer-
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this very reason it is poorly absorbed from little in diagnosing, due to the fact that
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The earliest historical reference to insanity ble places, chains removed and
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clumped by the serum, occupied a greater space than when simply sedimented in
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berger (J. A.) Exstirpation einer grossen Neubildung
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become normal. In only two cases was it possible to follow the patient
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material, and mingled with more or less fibrinous elements.
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the clavicle received some adverse criticism ; both Mr.
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patients in whom the analogy between intermittent fever and the disease
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undoubted existence of marked tenderness on pressure
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Chmeticek, Joseph F., acting assistant surgeon, will proceed from
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as well as those with whom eggs do not agree, will choose the latter.
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till he could neither pass a catheter or void urine.
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mer years has been a failure is due to the use of too

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