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Lilt from the association of intermittent fever with other atfections. It
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subject. The object to be secured in warfare is not, of course, any un-
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the only organ which sympathizes with the eye. Often one side of the
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profession. But therapeutics, the healing art, is one
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'interfered with the manufacturers in that line that they are now
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general practitioner: (1) The tradition of extreme profes-
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broadest acceptntion of the term, inasmuch as Ave have
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end-to-end, sometimes forming more or less obtuse angles. At
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Liljby Trison at Kiehniond, A^a. ; arrived Iiere i)er steamer New York and
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the hands of the author, resulting in a considerable increase of size. A few notices of previous
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report of the Board of Examiners. They were admitted conditionally, subject to the approval
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which is passed under the arch of the pubes lying up
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Theodore L. Squier, M. D., Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, Marquette Uni-
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Hodgkin's disease is tuberculosis. Sometimes, indeed, from a clinical
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stood without the drawings which accompany the description.
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essential elements of the protective food are then eliminated one by one, and
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and circumspection in their use, recognizing fully their potency for evil as
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gradually develop into solid tubercles, but not until the
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established, and during that year had an attendance of 650 students, while
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^nio&l history of a disease properly embraces phenomena which
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tions taken away. Two days later respiratory muscles commenced
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For three weeks the suppuration continued and a mass
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spiculum of bone found imbedded in the dura and penetrating
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represented dispersed through the diagram, in the position coi're-
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even (which have largely to do with intellectual processes and the forma-

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