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the great distinction of " University Medical Scholar."

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stantly increasing law practice with perfect ease; and

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stances, either volatile, or given off by volatile liquids during

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even after the subcutaneous injection of 6 grams of glycin none is

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of each upon the others the working of a vicious circle. Thus

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j^pjjpQjj /Messrs. Krohnc & Sesomann, No. 8, T>uke-st.,_Manchcstcr-square.

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longed life for a few hoiu-s. In Cases i and ii, the

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odor, which is always disagreeable in porrigo, becomes

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which all readings are reduced to what they would be at zero (0° C. or 32° F.), is

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radical than it had been at first when reduction of the deformity sometimes

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that this, with the mesenteric and other ductless glands, is not only

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type. His pigs are a heterogeneous lot, unpleasing to the eye, unsatis-

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aureus outbreak. On the other hand, it allows for more

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a little larger than the ordinary house-fly, and is of a

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Thomsonian, any more than we are an exclusive Hjdropathist ;

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fever. The patient also received -^l,-, grain of strych-

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process never ends in suppuration, is still another factor favouring

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he was niHictcd with intercurrent pleurisy, pneumonia, and

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phthisis in married life must be very rare; even more

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the organs concerned in carrying on the circulation in these cases.

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Ave millions have died in India from causes due to the famine.

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comprises the various types not referable to the above categories and is

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sicians scattered over the interior of the State, in rural and often sparsely popu-

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organism of this disease ; various organisms may produce it. In the

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extensive trial of sarsaparilla. I have employed this remedy

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Of the cord. Diabetes has been shown by Williamson to be occasionally

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years spent in teaching elementary chemistry is that

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nual statements and other reports filed by the insurer

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