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case. In all instances, however, the evacuation of an abscess cavity as soon
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considered not only the best for appendicitis, but also for all
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„ Grosjean, James Keith Jeanneret, 11, Sheffield-gardens,
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The Assembly Room is admirably adapted for only a portion of the uses
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of views, by a continual building up and tearing down of
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view of the structures to be dealt with. He inquired if since
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bitable that we have here a curious tendency in certain tissues of the
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himself up by it. This was the first weakness he had experi-
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marked spinal curvatures, accompanied by palpitations
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the smallest dose of the drug that is necessary to produce its anti-
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3. Observers who employed the selective neuroglia fiber staining methods
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the committee’s recommendations with reference to
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ordinary course would have been to take up the last
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is spreading a deadly poison round, the time seems to have
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of urine. In the twenty-four hours previous to my visit she
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climates. The symptoms are in no way different and a positive diag-
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leasness of a part. Profuse general or localizt'il sweating is not uncuimnuo.
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large as ordinarily ; the right eye convergcntly, and the left divergently
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9. Uses and Value of Galvanism and Electricity in General Practice. —
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Reynaud related a case which occurred during his service at the hos-
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millated appearance most frequentiy depends on partial hypertrophy
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frequently to the presence of a definite toxic substance. In the cases in
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Hence, one may assume an acquired local or constitutional
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there is no possible way of foretelling whether you
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be told with certainty from the figures given, since the difference
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out, and then titrated to pH 7.0. The total concentration of citrate
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enforce the adoption of these recommendations ? We imagine
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departure for therapeutics. Much has been acquired, within late years,
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theria — Eclampsia — Epilepsy — Hysteria — Insan-
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putable test of practical experience has proved beyond a doubt

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