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wastes, the patient becomes anaemic and cachectic, the vital powers gradually
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observe the effect of the valve lesion on the ventricle, and see
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erally considerable swelling of the spleen ; the type is sometimes tertian, usually
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A New Method of Operation for the Relief of Rupture of the Perineum
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he can produce more or less of the morbid state almost at any time. On
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with Special Reference to the Wasserinann Reaction. 15
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Hypoparathyreosis; Status Parathyreoprivus. — These terms have been
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tion. Dr. Strong had pricked one of the fingers of the
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indolent. The application of an ointment, composed of
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system is seen in the numbness, torpor, and sleepiness which have been de-
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sacrum according to Krasky's method in gynecological
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symptoms unless it presses against the eardrum, when it may produce
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throat. Specific septicaemia may also occur, announced by great pros-
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they had no instruments in the shop. The patient only
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which has been found most successful with these i)a-
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before treatment. As it is well documented that the risk of
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coffee should be stirred occasionally while on the stove. Chlor-
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deposit of urates as the result of an interaction between the urates and the
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By Ed. Nocard, Prof, of the Alfort Veterinary College. Translated by
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m a market ; while they were forbidden to drink from public foun-
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but occasionally in the left arm. (4) A patient of Griesinger's, who Avas
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Hogs are not exempt from this disease. They show the same
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cine is the avoidance of those habits of indulgence in alcoholic drinks on
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origin, and was .ilmost entirely unknown to tlie ancients.
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bly. 8 The dose of phenytoin required to maintain therapeutic
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the physicist can little affect the usefulness of trate deeply enough to affect the neoplasm,
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in difeafes of the fame clafs with the yellow fever.
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bladder disease, though it existed; in 92 per cent, the
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and stridulous. There is stridor and dyspnoea even at rest. The glottis
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lar changes in rabbits and guinea pigs following the injection of
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