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conservative he was in carrying out the rapid exposure. Some

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fountain. In warm seasons it loses the best part of its flavor and relish,

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but this affection, from a careful analysis of its symptoms from its onset to its

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jaundice, presence of calculi in the stools, besides the local symptoms

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be easily conceived that these do not consist solely of hemoglobin,

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viz., that it did not originate in London cowsheds, as

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salts are made to decompose each other, the neutrality of

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grand old work. Estimates have been obtained, the cost figured out, and now it

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7. — See American Medicine, Vol. VI, No. 1, p. 12.

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looked fatty ; there were email fibrinous eoagula in both

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patient, perhaps, be no better for the operation, or leave a fistulous tract, which,

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ment I was somewhat startled, for there neither was nor

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state society public relations projects, was presided

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sible. It gives a clear and concise idea of what the masters deal with, for

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iris. The favorite site for these deposits is near the pupillary margin

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Albert F. Hill, Economic Botany , 2nd ed. [New York, 1952] 252; and

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they were first noted and described have been the sub-

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and still more by an acute physical pain. In the same way, a violent passion

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rarely present. Chronic granular pharyngitis is common. Stomatitis is

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sal. The early stages of some of its forms may be occasionally difficult to

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ing several fenestrations (openings) should be resorted to. The strength

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of those epidemic visitations being unusually hot and dry. The epidemic

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small for the number of its inhabitants, and figured among the magnificent cities

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General Pathology, Therapeutics, and Hygiene. Tenth

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be edited by Drs. Juriah Harris, Jas. B. Read, and J. G. Thomas. It

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ered that we just about replaced his total blood volume.

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First-cdd treatment. — ^The other bones act as splints and usually

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requiring a master hand and well-versed specialist, are practically

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presented to the New York Pathological Society (Feb. 13, 1856) an encysted

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