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embolism occurred, due to which the aneurysm developed; at that time

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Dr. Jenkins' statement, and like him consider the above objection worthy of serious

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eafes, frightful in their appearance, and hitherto unknown ; and

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of all kinds ; sudden exposure to heat and cold ; and should never

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sequence of appetite, the course has usually proved, in my experience, the

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advantages over the older methods ; it is more efficacious, more

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over by philosophers, and gradually grew into disrejjute, ])rin-

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Hypopho-phiie ot Lime; 3 grs. livered free to the address of any

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treatment with strychnin was evidently beneficial. It gained in

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tunity of becoming familiar and skilled in suturing of

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arrested, by a condition of heat, congestion, and inflammation which

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So far as crimes are concerned, it is shown that acquisitiveness,

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hypertrophied lateral fibres .of its aponeurotic expan-

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that the air in the sac must have been the result of a decomposition of

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the little finger is entirely lost, as both the doctors suggested, that

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conform to the state of things we have shadowed forth. If

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The pH 9 carbonate mixture allows somewhat more rapid decom-

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9th. That in patients with a propensity periodically to maim and hurt tbemsekct, tbĀ«

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stmnp to the uterus, the bleeding would be of little con-

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Hogs are not exempt from this disease. They show the same

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used, its merits can not be said to have been tested any

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sary to cut short an attack can only be ob- it, should lead to operative means immed-

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organisms upon heart lesions is to be found in the section upon

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lymph nodes or in making inoculations, is contraindicated,

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vertebrse, and compression of the cord is apt to take place, producing paraplegia,

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We have seen that all degrees of severity of the muscular contrac-

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Nayler as a hard-working, experienced, and able Surgeon, we

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