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furred, with yellow-coloured borders, pulse frequent and

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Seltzer Aperient. This is one of the most efficient salines in the old school prac-

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relief from the sinking feeling ; and directions as to quantities and

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pletely abolished as high as the ujiper part of the arm. The limit between

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visit or at the vaccination clinic. The third dose is due at six

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may be of significance in the disease in question. The fact that the

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CoMPLEi't Ri.MovAi. OK BoM.. — Sucli an iniurx is almost inxariablv

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pital ; cover-glass preparations show gonococci. Two

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puscles is more rapid than in any other form of acute infectious dis-

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lithe and movable as ever. It often happens that the state of con-

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three days: Dull percussion sound less extended; mucous rales; same

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membrane, the demonstration of zymogen in the absence of hydro-

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are trained to bear pain. This, however, we doubt. Had the needle been

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month. The patient was hoarse, and was breathless on exertion. The foreign

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Hartford Kedical Society received a donation of a portrait

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may also be tried. Should these fail, manual methods of treatment may

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J. VVeichselbaum. in Merck's Archives, recommends the use

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such mortality to be mainly due to diarrhoea. The co-efficient for

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has become the metropolis of a munificent nation, under whose

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a long-continued imbibition of very large doses of tea after

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Report of (78) Iridectomy Operations (for Glaucoma) performed *

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adults yields 0.65 to 0.90 c.c. of gas, corresponding to 55 to 77 volume

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xxiii, 1; 25. — Oliver (C. A.) Ophthalmoscopic repre-

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on the other hand, by an unusual excitation of the mind, and again, by

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converting it into calcium carbonate, which is inert so far as its dis-

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influence exerted by the surrounding parts upon the exudation after it

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spinal column. No one that I ever heard or read of, has

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T. hominis, T. philippina, T. confusa, T. bremneri. Other hosts

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to the system of treatment ; and indeed, in spite of the further unfavorable

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